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Emlin's signature soap cleans, conditions, and moisturizes skin.

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Produced in our very own French Mill, Emlin's signature soap cleans, conditions, and moisturizes skin. Inspired by the same techniques French craftsmen have used for centuries to produce some of the world's most highly-prized soap, our bars are carefully milled to remove grit and maximize lather.
Each batch is infused with healing nutrients and moisturizers, including mink oil, a natural moisturizer that coats skin to provide lasting protection against dehydration. The finely turned materials used during production cleanse without irritating, making Emlin's French Milled Soap a decadent bathtime refresher for all skin types and sensitivities.

Our French Milled soap is a soothing addition to any bath or shower. Wet the bar to produce a thick, creamy lather, then gently apply to your entire body, making sure to massage into dry or flaking skin. After cleansing, rinse clean with warm water. Combine with our French Formula Shampoo for best, full-body results.

Gentle, but effective. Materials used to produce Emlin French Milled soap are selected for their value as skin-friendly moisturizers and cleansers. Specially included mink oil replaces hydrating compounds in the skin that disappear with age, giving you back your youthful glow.