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Full of the best hair-care nature can offer

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Full of the best hair-care nature can offer, Ednae Bodifying Hair Conditioner your key to fuller, shinier hair. Our conditioner is fortified with rose hip oil, aloe vera, retinyl palmitate, and coconut oil derivatives – natural protective agents that help defend hair against potentially damaging pollutants.
Each of our carefully selected ingredients helps hair help itself. Instead of using harsh synthetic elements, Ednae's conditioner helps encourage the production and retention of natural oils that your hair needs to stay hydrated, a factor critical to its healthy appearance and feel.

While it can be used in conjunction with any shampoo, we recommend pairing our Bodifying Hair Conditioner with Ednae Enriched Shampoo. Before applying conditioner, wash hair with shampoo, and wring out as much excess water as possible. Then, paying particular attention to the ends of strands, massage conditioner into your hair, and let sit for 1-5 minutes. Rinse with cool water, then enjoy your softer, more brilliant hair.

Our trademark mixture of natural conditioners and moisturizers can help tame and soften even the most flyaway hair while still remaining gentle enough for consistent use. Ingredients such as coconut-derived alcohols smooth and buff your hair, giving it the shine you need to stand out.